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The Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) is excited to announce the release of the Los Angeles County America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC) Modernization Request for Proposals (AJCC Modernization RFP).  This RFP seeks non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, public agencies, social enterprises, public or private higher education institutions and/or similar organizations to administer services as an AJCC through the implementation of key modernization strategies and north star principles.

As an AJCC, awarded entities will serve as the network that supports DEO’s workforce development system. DEO is intent on aligning our economic and workforce development efforts in order to help businesses start and grow, connect workers to quality jobs, strengthen and uplift communities, and expand a dynamic and sustainable local economy. This RFP is the culmination of this intent. For more information on the AJCC Modernization, click here

Who can apply for the AJCC Modernization RFP?

DEO is seeking proposers (qualified private or public non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, and public or private institutions of higher education) to serve the role as the AJCC operator (may also be referred to as the One-Stop Operator), Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker programs career service provider and WIOA Title I and County-funded Youth programs (may also be referred to as the Youth@Work program) service provider. Other Workforce Development Boards are not eligible to apply.  

How will services be provided by the selected proposer?

Selected proposers will be responsible for all day-to-day operations of the AJCC to ensure communities within the respective sub-region, as further described below, have access to programs and services under WIOA guidelines. Selected proposers for each respective sub-region will lead the function of both a population-based and a sector-based Center of Excellence (COE) for Los Angeles County’s workforce delivery system as part of DEO’s AJCC Modernization Strategies (see diagram below). Selected proposers for each respective sub-region will co-apply with one (1) small (revenue of less than $1.5M) community-based organization (CBO) to enhance the delivery of WIOA allowable services as part of DEO’s AJCC Modernization Strategies.  

What are the sub-regions and what funding is available?

For Comprehensive AJCCs: DEO is funding seven (7) Comprehensive AJCCs that will operate out of seven (7) designated sub-regions and manage affiliate location(s). These sub-regions include:

  • Rio Hondo
  • Antelope Valley
  • East Los Angeles
  • Pomona Valley
  • East San Gabriel Valley
  • Rancho Dominguez
  • Southeast Los Angeles

Funding varies based on the number of affiliate sites each sub-region will oversee. The Antelope Valley and the Rancho Dominguez sub-regions will oversee two (2) affiliate sites and will be allocated $4.859M. The other five (5) sub-regions will oversee one (1) affiliate site and will be allocated $4.659M.  

For Community Based Organizations (CBOs): Each of the seven (7) Comprehensive AJCC’s will partner and co-apply with one (1) small, local Community Based Organization (CBO) as part of our Modernization Strategies. An additional $200k will be allocated to each CBO partner of the selected Comprehensive AJCC provider.  Each of the selected CBO partners will be granted a subaward through a contract directly with the County, independent from the subaward granted to the selected provider of the Comprehensive AJCC. 

For Non-Comprehensive AJCCs: DEO will also be funding two (2) non-comprehensive AJCCs, one (1) non-comprehensive AJCC that will operate out of the West Los Angeles sub-region and one (1) Veterans AJCC that will serve Veterans countywide. The West Los Angeles sub-region will be allocated $1.657M (with additional funding to be determined from the City of Los Angeles Workforce and Economic Development Department) and the Veterans AJCC will be allocated $1.657M. 

For Rapid Response: There is also the opportunity to bid for up to three (3) Rapid Response program in conjunction with a Comprehensive AJCC. Each of the three (3) selected Rapid Response providers will be allocated $213k. Funding allocations are based on projected WIOA funding and may vary based on actual funding received. Interested applicants may submit no more than one (1) proposal for each sub-region and no more than three (3) proposals total.  

Allocations reflected above do not include rent, lease agreements, and basic utilities as the County oversees those costs independent of this procurement.  

RFP Submission Checklist

Click here to download the RFP Submission Checklist for the list of required forms and attachments. Request for Proposal quick links:

AJCC Modernization RFP