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Local & Targeted Worker Hiring (LTWH)

LA County’s Local Target Worker Hire (LTWH) programs create employment opportunities for local workers on capital development projects within their own communities. The dashboard displays progress on local and targeted worker hiring for all County-sponsored construction and development projects including local hiring for targeted workers, veterans, affordable housing and mixed-use affordable housing projects.

The County’s LTWH Policy, adopted by the Board of Supervisors in October 2016, sets a goal to hire 30% local workers and 10% targeted workers on all County capital and construction projects valued at $500,000 or more. View the current identified Target Areas.

What are local or targeted workers?

Local workers live within 5 miles of the project site or a qualifying zip code; targeted workers are individuals facing barriers to employment such as low income, justice-system involvement, unemployment, receiving public benefits, homelessness, former foster youth, disability, veteran, English Language Learner, or limited education/literacy.

How DEO Can Help

Job seekers interested construction training programs can email or find your nearest AJCC by visiting here.

Individuals looking to kick-start or certify a small business, access technical assistance, or connect with contract opportunities can call (844) 432-4900 or email