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Helping Local Workers and Businesses through Layoffs and Plant Closures

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LA County workers and employers facing imminent layoff due to a business or plant closure can connect to immediate aid and support to help through the painful transitions associated with job loss.

DEO’s Rapid Response program will quickly mobilize local public and private resources and connect individuals at an affected company to a customized set of in-person services that will minimize job loss disruptions.

For Workers

If you’ve received a notice from your employer about being laid off due to a business closure, DEO can connect you to in-person and virtual employment services and benefits including:

  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Housing and Tenant Support
  • Medical Coverage Options
  • Job Search and Placement Services (career counseling, resume and interview workshops, paid work experiences, new trade learning opportunities, etc.)
  • Health Benefits and Retirement Plans

Connect to DEO’s Rapid Response team by clicking on the button below:

For Businesses

If your business is facing the possibility of layoffs or closure, DEO can provide services to help minimize the impacts on affected employees and work with your business to identify preventative measures including:

  • Provide referrals within the community to government service
  • Linkage with economic development activities at Federal, State,
    and Local levels
  • Linkage to Federal Department of Commerce programs
  • Assessing layoff aversion strategies
  • Coordinating Labor-Management/Workforce Transition Committees

To connect to DEO’s Rapid Response team or for more information, email here: RapidResponse@opportunity.lacounty.gov


DEO is home to 18 local America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC), LA County’s one stop shop that provides a comprehensive range of no-cost employment and training services for youth and adult job seekers, and employers including services for individuals facing imminent layoff due to business closures through the Rapid Response program.

DEO administers LA County’s Rapid Response program, funded by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), through its system of AJCCs to workers and businesses affected by layoffs and closures alongside six other Workforce Development Boards in LA County.

In the News

LA County looking to help 99 Cent Store employees

LA County looking for ways to help employees of closing 99 Cents Only stores

Board Motion

The LA County Board of Supervisors approved a motion at its 4/9/24 meeting directing DEO and the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs to create an action plan to assist 99 Cents Only Store employees through Rapid Response and other services, including job training, job placement and connections to additional resources.