Pandemic Rapid Relief Re-Employment (Businesses)

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Through Pandemic Relief Rapid Re-Employment (PRRR), small businesses in LA County can connect with trained, career-ready candidates and receive immediate help to support post-pandemic recovery.

Businesses can streamline their hiring process and access the following program perks: 

  • Grow your team! Train and grow productive and motivated job seekers and build a highly trained workforce  
  • Reduce payroll costs! Hire local qualified talents with up to 100% of program wages covered.  
  • On the job training! Provide hands-on specialized training to new hires in various industry sectors with up to 90% of program wages covered  
  • Career services support! Access specialized career services customized to your business and industry needs 

Businesses in the following industry sectors are encouraged to apply:  

Film & Digital Media, Social & Human Services, Information Technology, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, Construction, and Trade & Logistics