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DEO is home to LA County’s Small Business Commission. The Commission, a 25 member advisory committee appointed by the LA County Board of Supervisors to serve in each of the five Supervisorial Districts, provides ongoing advice and support to help businesses start, grow, and stay within LA County.

The work of the Commission is executed through two primary committees:

Economic Development & Outreach Committee

The Economic Development & Outreach Committee was developed to support the economic development of the small business community in Los Angeles County by identifying resources and education platforms for current and potential business owners, and to provide strategies to increase outreach efforts to the small business community. The Economic Development & Outreach Committee has three primary goals: Outreach, Economic Development, and Social Enterprises

Procurement & Reciprocity Committee

The Procurement & Reciprocity committee was developed to identify and promote procurement opportunities for small business owners in Los Angeles County to increase the County’s Small Business Utilization percentage; and to develop partnerships with various corporate partners on the following platforms local, state and Federal agencies. These relationships are also for the purpose of creating reciprocity between agencies.

Historical Background

Pursuant to Board Order, the Office of Small Business Advisory Board was created on June 29, 1999, to provide advice and support to help small businesses grow and do business with the County.

In a subsequent Board order on May 22, 2001, the Office of Small Business Advisory Board was restructured as the Commission and has operated since that date. The Commission continues in its role of making recommendations to the Director of the newly formed Department of Economic Opportunity and the Board on issues that affect the small business community, with the ultimate goal of small business growth through the conduct of business with the County.

Throughout its history, the Commission has been housed within the Internal Services Department, the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs, and the Department of Economic and Workforce Development in 2021. Most recently, in 2022, the Commission settled within the newly formed Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO).

Upcoming Meeting

Next Small Business Commission meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 9, 2024 from 10:00am to 11:45am.