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New Opportunity – Mixed-Use Development Space for Small Businesses

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LA County DEO, Second District Supervisor Holly Mitchell, and Primestor Development are creating LA County Launch Pad, a low or no-cost retail space in the new Evermont mixed-use development for a local small business that will also house representatives from the DEO’s Office of Small Business. Launch Pad will allow the resident business and the County to better serve our local residents and small business enterprises.

This opportunity entails offering a generously discounted rent, or possibly rent-free, for a nearly 1,500 square foot versatile mixed-use space, extending up to 24 months. The aim is to assist a small business in growing their business without early rent burdens and preparing them to transition into their independent brick-and-mortar location upon the lease’s conclusion. 

The available space will include a compact kitchenette suitable for limited food preparation, an open storefront area adaptable for various retail purposes for the resident business, and direct access to DEO’s Office of Small Business and other partners for walk-in support and appointments for the tenant businesses as well as the local small business community. County services include no-cost information, technical assistance, access to capital and commercial space, and mentorship. The resident tenant may also be required to contribute to specific community benefits, such as hiring local workers, and other yet-to-be-defined terms. 

This mixed-use space is situated at Vermont and Manchester in the South Los Angeles area within a newly developing mixed-use park, Evermont, which is currently under construction. It is expected to become available as early as October 2024. 

How to Apply for LA County Launch Pad

The County is gathering interest from potential resident tenants. A formal application process with technical assistance when applying through the Office of Small Business will be launched to select the initial tenant in the coming months. All interested parties will receive the application when it is opened. If you are interested, kindly complete the interest form here. 

Minimum Requirements for Application

The application will be open to small businesses meeting the following criteria, at minimum:  

  • Priority for retail or by industry type (not required)
  • Business must have started no earlier than January 1, 2019, and have been established for at least 1 year.
  • Under $100,000 in gross annual receipts (GARs)
  • Under 25 employees. Note, the space is 1,500 and cannot accommodate a floorplan for 25 employees at a single time.
  • Business in good standing to local and state requirements
  • Must be independently owned and operated (No franchise businesses)

Additional County Support

For additional questions or reporting issues, please contact the Office of Small Business at (844) 432-4900 or email our team at